Quino-ai: (click)

A tool to summarize, chat, take notes and test knowledge. Selected by Mytelai

Teachermatic: (click)

A tool to build lesson plans. Selected by Mytelai 

Teacherbot-io: (click)

A tool for teachers to create activities and plans for any levels. Selected by Mytelai 

Puzzicle-ai: (click)    

A platform for creating engaging, personalized, multimedia lessons.  Selected by Mytelai

Notegenie-ai: (click)

A tool for note-taking and optimize notes. Selected

by Mytelai 

Video2quiz: (click)

A tool to creates quizze and tests from any video Selected by Mytelai .

Coursefactory: (click)

Create Your Online Course with AI Assistance Selected

by Mytelai

Learning studio-ai: (click)

To create curses Selected

by Mytelai

Einforz.ai: (click)

A platform to automate academic tasks, create and manage quizzes. Selected

by Mytelai


GPTkit-ai: (click)

AI text generation detection tool Selected by Mytelai 

Suenagringo: (click)   

Translate text and generate content in different formats and tones (in Spanish) Selected by Mytelai 

Chatgpt-for-excel: (click)

An add-in for Microsoft Excel to automate tasks and generate insights. Selected

by Mytelai 

Formularizer: (click)

An AI assist

ant for spreadsheet programs. Selected by Mytelai

Genius-sheets AI: (click)

Generate reports, financial models, and instant analysis from Text Prompts  Selected

by Mytelai

GPT-for-sheets: (click)

Integrate GPT-3 directly into Google Sheets  Selected

by Mytelai